Amos Africa is a website that gathers information above talent development and usage of such talents for individual and community development.
More so this website is used as a way of marketing and promoting gospel music and inspirational music from all the artists from “Amos Africa team” like Amos Muzee whose songs have been uploaded here. You can listen well download them for personal use.
Some of our songs are free of charge however for some other songs you can pay a little amount for our videos and audios.

download UNITAZAME

download TUEPUSHE by Amos Muzee

download NIONGEE NA WALIMWENGU by Amos  Muzee

download NAKUJA by Amos Muzee

download MAMA by Amos Muzee

download GIVE ME JESUS by Amos Muzee

download BABA HABARI By. Amos Muzee

  1. BABA HABARI By. Amos Muzee 4:55
  2. GIVE ME JESUS 4:22
  3. MAMA 5:14
  4. NAKUJA 6:42
  6. TUEPUSHE 5:44
  7. UNITAZAME 4:52

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